About Us

Hi, I'm Maureen.

It is my goal and dream to grow beautiful flowers so that I can share them and make people happy. Every flowers is a miracle. From a tiny seed or a squidly corm, comes a set of roots that becomes a creation of beauty. When the rains come and the winds blow the flowers bend and move, but in their resilience, they do not break, and when the sun comes, they grow stronger. Each of us can be like the flower, enduring the rain and the tumult, but with dependence on the Son, we can withstand and be resilient.


Dave here. I enjoy working in the field with Maureen. She is the flower expert, I like to think I am the soil expert. Dirt is dead and void of life, soil is its own world, a living organism full of all sorts of creatures needed to provide health and vitality to the flowers. We till only on a very limited basis when absolutely necessary as to not disturb life in the soil. Employing organic practices, we do not use chemicals, we encourage nature to follow its design. I am at peace and blessed with working the farm, hanging out with Maureen, our children, our big dog Bailey and our two barn cats, Buttermilk and Bambi. When I have time to tinker in the barn, the cats hang out with me, thus you'll see some of my "barn-cat-creations" listed for sale here as well. I enjoy wood working and, fortunately, occasionally have some time to create a few one of a kind, handcrafted items.